Environment Variables in Smart Buttons

A very common request I've had for the Ribbon WorkbenchSmart Button solution is to be able to configure the WebHook/FlowUrl using an Environment Variable. Environment Variables are small pieces of information that can vary between environments without there needing to be customizations update. This way you can have different endpoints for each environment without making customization changes.

As of Version 1.2.435.1 you can now put an environment variable (or combination of) into the FlowUrl smart button parameter:

This screenshot assumes you have added an environment variable to your solution with the schema name dev1_FlowUrl

The Url is in the format {%schemaname%}. Adding the environment variable to the solution would look like:

The really awesome part of environment variables is that you are promoted to update them when you import to a new environment inside the new Solution Import experience that came with Wave 1 2020.

If you have any feedback or suggestions for Smart Buttons, please head over to the Github project page.


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  • Thank you so much Scott, this is golden! I really love the Smart Buttons and this addition just makes them PERFECT. Thanks again for your effort.
  • Thought it was advised not to use environment variables in Production?
    • Environment Variables went GA on the 15th of September 👍

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