Error after upgrading to .NET Framework 4.8

If you are coming to the PowerPlatform World Tour in London on the 28th August I'll see you there. Come and see my session on how CDS changes the way we think about building Apps!

Today I'm really busy on an exciting new PowerPlatform project, so just a quick post!.

If you've recently updated Windows 10 to .NET Framework 4.8, you might find when running tools like spkl that you'll get the following exception:

Unable to initialize the native configuration support external to the web worker process (HRESULT=0x80040154).
nativerd.dll must be in %windir%\system32\inetsrv

To resolve this you simply need to open Control Panel -> Programs -> Project and Features -> Turn Windows features on or off

Under .NET Framework 4.8 Advanced Services, turn on WCF Services -> HTTP Activation 

Click OK and everything should work again!


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