Fiddler2: The tool that gives you Superpowers – Part 3

This post is the third post in the series 'Fiddler – the tool that gives you superpowers!'

Faster than a Speeding Bullet

If you have done any development of Web Resources with Dynamics CRM then I'm certain that you'll have become impatient whilst waiting to first deploy your solution and then publish it before you can test any changes. Everytime you need to make a change you need to go round this loop which can slow down the development process considerably. Using the Auto Responders I described in my previous post (Invisibility) you can drastically speed up this development process by using Fiddler to ensure changes you make to a local file in Visual Studio are reflected inside Dynamics CRM without waiting for deploying and publishing. You make the changes inside Visual Studio, simply save and refresh your browser and voilà!

Here some rough calculations on the time it could save you on a small project:

Time to Deploy



Time to Publish



Debug iterations



Number of web resources



Development Savings



Time to reproduce live data in test/development



Number of issues to debug in live



Testing Savings




Total Savings for a small project




What is perhaps more important about this technique that it saves the frustration caused by having to constantly wait for web resource deployment and ensures that you stay in the development zone rather than being distracted by the latest cute kitten pictures posted on facebook!

Furthermore, using this technique allows you to use source-maps without ever deploying them to the server!

Do remember to deploy and publish your changes once you've finished your development. It seems obvious but it is easily forgotten and you're left wondering why your latest widget works on your machine but not for others!

More information can be found on this at the following locations:


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