Chrome Dynamics CRM Developer Tools

Chrome already provides a fantastic set of Developer tools for HTML/Javascript, but now thanks to Blake Scarlavai at Sonoma Partners we have the Chrome CRM Developer Tools.

This fantastic Chome add in provides lots of gems to make debugging forms and testing fetchXml really easy:

Form Information
- Displays the current form’s back-end information
- Entity Name
- Entity Id
- Entity Type Code
- Form Type
- Is Dirty
- Ability to show the current form’s attributes’ schema names
- Ability to refresh the current form
- Ability to enable disabled attributes on the current form (System Administrators only)
- Ability to show hidden attributes on the current form (System Administrators only)

Current User Information
- Domain Name
- User Id
- Business Unit Id

- Ability to open advanced find
- Set focus to a field on the current form
- Display a specific User and navigate to the record (by Id)
- Display a specific Privilege (by Id)

- Ability to update attributes from the current form (System Administrators only)
- This is helpful when you need to update values for testing but the fields don’t exist on the form

- Execute any Fetch XML statement and view the results

Check it out in the chrome web store -

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