Rename a standard CRM2011 Tab

Occasionally the built-in names for Ribbon tabs need to be changed. Using the Ribbon Workbench for CRM2011 makes this very easy.

1. Create a solution with the entity you want to change.

2. Open the Ribbon Workbench for CRM2011 and select your solution.

3. Find the tab you want to change. If you want to customise the Form Tabs, you'll need to select the 'Form' value in the drop down in the top right.

If you wanted to change the 'Add' tab on the Account form, you would add the 'Account' entity to the solution, and select the 'Form' tab in the workbench:

4. Select the 'Add' tab and use the 'right click' menu to 'Customise Tab'. This will mark each element within the tab as customised so you are free to rename/edit/add to.

5. Select the 'Add' tab and in the right hand properties, rename the TabTitle to whatever you want:

6. Click Publish Solution, and you will then see your tab renamed:

The Ribbon Workbench for CRM 2011 is a free download.

If you find an issue with the Ribbon Workbench for Dynamics CRM 2011 or have any suggestions,please send it here.

Happy Ribbon Customising!


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