Have you tried turning it off and on again?

Today I was trying to register a Plugin to Dynamics CRM 2011, and I received the following error: System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException: Microsoft Dynamics CRM has experienced an error. Reference number for administrators or support: #63F08CDB Using the platform trace, I tracked it down to the following exception: System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x800703FA): Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID {E5CB7A31-7512-11D2-89CE-0080C792E5D8} failed due to the following error: 800703fa Illegal operation attempted on a registry key that has been marked for deletion. From further digging, this turned out to be an issue to do with the installer having deleted a COM registration, but the registry hive not yet unloaded due to user locking it. To fix, I simply re-booted. Just goes to show you - as that great philosopher Roy Trennaman once said'Hello, IT, have you tried turning it off and on again?'

Server Error in Application "MICROSOFT DYNAMICS CRM" HTTP Error 404.0 - Not Found

After installing a CRM 4.0 ISV Add-on to my Dynamics CRM 2011 Beta 1 server (foolish I hear you say!), I was presented with the following:  

Server Error in Application "MICROSOFT DYNAMICS CRM"Internet Information Services 7.5 Error Summary HTTP Error 404.0 - Not Found The resource you are looking for has been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.

  It seems that the IIS7 CRM Application pool had been modified to revert back to using the version 2 framework. To resolve: 1. Open IIS 7 Manager 2. Navigate to the CRMAppPool and double click on it to enter the Basic Settings. 3. Change the Framework version to be v4:


KB2439176 - for Dynamics CRM 2011 Beta 1

If you chose to use Windows Update for your installation of Dynamics CRM 2011 beta 1, recently you will have been prompted with the option to install KB2439176. This changes the version:  

5.0.9585.106 Beta 1 5.0.9585.110 Beta 1 with KB2439176

  There appears to be little or no background on what this update includes - I've had no problems so far. You can see all updates here: http://catalog.update.microsoft.com/v7/site/search.aspx?q=crm  

You have already imported and upgraded this organization

Since importing CRM 4 customisations xml is not possible with Dynamics CRM 2011 Beta 1, using the import organisation wizard is the only option. During development, I’ve found that there is no way of importing and upgrading a CRM 4.0 organisation more multiple times. Once you import and upgrade a CRM 4 organisation, the OrganisationId is retained in the database (rather than a new one being assigned as for when you import a CRM 2011 organisation database), so importing and upgrading the same organisation results in the error "You have already imported and upgraded this organization". Even if you delete the previous import, the import still fails. To get around this I used the following steps: Warning: I'm doing this a development environment, and this is something that you would never do in production. Also, always make a backup first. 1. Disable and Delete the previously imported organisation using Deployment Manager 2. Run the following script against the MSCRM_Config database. Replace 'YourOrgName' with the name of the organisation you used when importing the first time.

-- Remove a previously imported and upgrade organisation DECLARE @orgName nvarchar(255) ='YourOrgName'  DECLARE @organisationid uniqueidentifier SELECT @organisationid=ID from Organization WHERE UniqueName=@orgName DELETE FROM SystemUserOrganizations where OrganizationId=@organisationid DELETE FROM OrganizationProperties where ID=@organisationid DELETE FROM OrganizationFeatureMap where OrganizationId=@organisationid DELETE FROM OrganizationMaintenanceJobs where OrganizationId=@organisationid DELETE FROM Organization where ID=@organisationid

   3. Re-import the organisation using Deployment Manager  

Details of CRM 2011 Online Pricing

Things are hotting up for the up coming release of CRM 2011 online. Rumours of really competitive pricing structure have been confirmed to be ~£27/user for the first 12 months making it extreamly comettetive compared to salesforce. Tatarinov today announced a new global launch promotion for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online at a price of $34 (€31) per user, per month for the first 12 months of service; this pricing will be available to new customers from launch until June 30, 2011. This promotion complements a partner incentive that was announced in July 2010, where partners can receive 40 percent margin on the value of new subscriptions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online during the same time period. Formal launch events for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and the upcoming global release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online will begin in January 2011. http://www.microsoft.com/presspass/press/2010/oct10/10-14convergenceeuropepr.mspx   This kind of pricing combined with the free trial that will be on offer will really lower barriers to entry for the SME market. CTO/CIO's will be signing up and becoming hooked on Dynamics CRM 2011's engaging functionality, market place and community. The adoption process can progress significantly without any road-blocks with internal IT resource.