AddItem & RemoveItem Plugin Message‘gotchas’

When registering a Plug-In Step on the 'AddItem' and 'RemoveItem' messages I've found a couple of things to watch out for. 1. Missing InputParameters When registering on Campaign Activity in response to adding a Marketing List, the InputParameters collection on the 'AddItem' step should contain th... [More]

Easier User Guides

If you've ever written user guides for a Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 custom solution, you'll know writers block all too well; staring at a blank Word Document waiting for inspiration on where to start. The Dynamics CRM 2011 User Guide in Microsoft Word Format is just that place – with a struct... [More]

Dynamics CRM Online promotional pricing ends 31st December 2011

  The limited launch pricing of £22.75 per user/month ends on 31st December 2011, so now is a very good time to start a 30 free trial of Dynamics CRM 2011 online and still benefit from the discounted rate. Sign up for the 30 day free trial now and see how Dynamics CRM 2011 can transform... [More]

SQL Queries from Transactional Plugin Pipeline

Sometimes the LINQ, Query Expressions or Fetch just doesn't give you the ability to quickly query your data in the way you want to. A good example of this is the lack of left outer join support if you want a where clause to filter results based on the joined entity. Sometime, you just need to query ... [More]

Embedding CRM reports in IFrames using the CRM2011 Report Viewer

It is quite common for users to request that reports be included in Iframes on forms, or in Dashboards. Although this can be done by pointing the Iframe directly at SQL Reporting services, this essentially bypasses the CRM Report connector and relies on the user authenticating directly with SQL Repo... [More]

CRM Developer ‘Must Know’ #2: Web Resource Caching

With the introduction of Web Resources in CRM 2011 the task of adding custom user interface functionality (beyond simple JavaScript) has become a whole lot easier to build and deploy. The fact that web resource are part of the solution means that there is no need to have custom deployment routines t... [More]

Early bound Entity Types in Silverlight

One of the drawbacks of using Silverlight clients for CRM2011, is that there is no built in support for early bound entity types since you cannot use the Microsoft SDK assemblies. Really, there isn't anything that special going on with early bound support in the SDK assemblies – a behaviour is added... [More]

Silverlight Theme for CRM2011

Develop1 have a Silverlight 4 CRM 2011 theme available for the following user interface components: Label Style Text Box Style Date Picker Style Radio Button Style Data Grid Style Lookup Style (Coming soon) Please contact us for more information.