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Over the last decade software systems have had a huge impact on the way we live and the way we work. In fact so much that sometimes the boundary between work and play can be blurred. Mobile technology makes it possible to do what we want, when we want. This shift in the way we use technology has meant that our expectations of software have been raised considerably above the industry ‘norm’.  We are not the only ones with these expectations; your customers & staff have them too.

Using the very latest Microsoft Tools and Technologies, Develop 1 can take your business into the future. Let us help you transform your business: 

  • Increase sales through sales-force automation
  • Gain greater insight into your customers leading to greater retention and customer experience.
  • Ensure information is at your fingertips whenever, wherever you need it



Finding the right balance between the rigor of engineering and the agility of a craft is something is vital to delivering to your schedule, quality and budget.

Customer Relationship Management

Truely realise the potential of your sales staff through getting the maximum potential from your existing data, as well as increasing sales through a closer relationship with your prospects and customers. Provide customers with a better customer experience through self service portals and greater customer insight.

Solution Architecture Services

We'll equip you with the critical best practices and skills that you just can't afford to be without. beyond.

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