Posted on 22. November 2012

Add a Run Dialog Short-Cut Ribbon Button


As I've mentioned before, users are always asking about making solutions 'less-clicky' - a common request is to provide a button to run a frequently used dialog rather than having to search for it each time in the lookup window.

The following solution shows you how to do this quickly using the Ribbon Workbench for CRM2011.


Happy Ribbon Customising!


Posted on 13. November 2012

Un-responsive Import Solution Dialog

If you've ever sat watching the import solution dialog with CRM2011 and wondering if it's actually doing anything - provided you are using OnPrem - I've got just the thing for you.

Try running the following SQL on your <OrgName>_MSCRM database - you'll get a far more responsive progress indicator!

Select top 1 StartedOn,Progress,CompletedOn from ImportJob (nolock)
order by startedon desc

Thanks for reading!